The Power of Early Market Testing

Published on
July 31, 2023
Stefan Schweiger
Senior Consultant
Daniel Reicher
Senior Consultant
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The Power of Early Market Testing: A Key to Business Success with Essentio

As a leading company builder and software development firm, we at Essentio understand the integral role that ideas play in business success. However, an idea's power truly blossoms when it is effectively executed and accepted in the marketplace. We champion the strategy of early market testing – a critical factor in heightening your business’s chances of thriving.

Unveiling Early Market Testing

Common questions that start-ups and innovative departments of large organizations wrestle with include "Does our idea hold promise?", "Is the market sizable enough?", "Who are we targeting?", and "What benefits does our product provide to customers?". Early market testing is the linchpin to unlocking these queries. It validates your business concepts and directs your product development on the right path.

Let's delve into five compelling reasons why early market testing is indispensable:

  • Optimized Resource Allocation: Early market testing helps avoid wasting time and resources on products that lack market viability.
  • Data-Informed Decisions: Market tests generate hard data, providing more credibility than mere qualitative feedback. This data confirms the level of interest and buying intentions for a new product.
  • Marketing Intelligence: Market tests offer invaluable insights into the most effective ways to market a product. They help identify impactful advertising messages, effective visual elements, and suitable channels for your product.
  • Defining the Target Audience: Market tests assist in refining your target demographic, yielding useful information about their age, gender, and interests.
  • Evidence-Based Arguments: The concrete data obtained from market tests strengthens arguments to decision-makers about a business idea's potential.
  • Executing Market Tests - The How-To: Online market tests are a quick and efficient way to validate your business ideas, and they can be set up within days or weeks. Here's a summary on how to conduct them:
  • Craft an Engaging Landing Page: This page should offer a comprehensive explanation of your product or service. Drive traffic to this page through social media ads, Google Ads, or email campaigns.
  • Initiate Social Media or Google Ads Campaigns: These campaigns aid in testing product interest by analyzing click rates on the ad and user engagement on the landing page.
  • Undertake A/B Tests: If your goal is to test the readiness to purchase and the price point for a new product, run A/B tests with different prices. The click rates on the ads can give an initial measure of the product's appeal.
  • Engage Existing Customers via Email Campaigns: If you have an established customer base, use email campaigns to validate a new product concept.


It's an open secret that the lion's share of start-ups doesn't make it past the finish line. Often, they create products or services that ultimately find no takers. This predicament is frequently born out of a mismatch between the product and the market it's intended for. To avert this, early market testing is an absolute must. The objective of such testing is to rapidly assess ideas with potential users, discovering sooner rather than later if there's genuine interest in a new product and its purchase. In this post, we delve into why market testing is an indispensable tool for success and explore how a practical market test might unfold - Daniel Reicher

At Essentio, our approach extends beyond just theorizing solutions – we believe in bringing them to life expeditiously with swift prototyping. We place faith in early validation with the target group, as opposed to over-engineering paper concepts. Ready to elevate your business? Let's discuss how tech can make it happen!

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