As a company builder, we create concepts, validate your business ideas and realize them together with you.

For future oriented innovators, we are the multidisciplinary, responsible and dynamic partner, who realizes your idea together with you in a result-oriented and efficient way, to establish products your customers will love.

We are proud to work with innovative partners.

"We realize ideas" - three simple words at the very core of our business and nothing that gets us more excited.

We believe in early validation with the desired target group and digital prototypes, rather than spending too much time over-engineering concepts on paper.

We’ll wear shirts today and suits tomorrow and are united by a shared passion to actively create and realize together with like-minded people, producing something tangible in every meeting.

We are Essentio*

*Fun Fact: Essentio derives from the Latin word "esentire" and means translated "make real"


At Essentio, we don't believe in taking the slow road. Instead of just talking about solutions, we craft customer-focused concepts and bring them to life swiftly with rapid prototyping - so market feedback can be gathered right away!

From crafting a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to improving it iteratively based on feedback along the way - our aim is always helping you build successful companies efficiently by developing effective solutions that create real value for your customers. Ready… Set? Let's go!

What they think

“Our company benefits from the expertise of their experienced team in areas like requirement engineering, software development, project management, and digital transition consulting. With Essentio's help, we have managed to maintain our Nr. 1 leadership position in online medical education in a sustainable and future-proof way.”
Kathrin Biernat
CEO, 123 Sonography
"With Essentio, we quickly received outstanding development resources, leading to a remarkable product. The stunning end result exceeded our expectations. It's an honor to work along side professional, honest, diligent team mates who show a lot more than passion for the industry. Essentio completes work to the highest of standards."
Shane Adams
Head of product, DCL
"Thanks to Essentio, our ideas are efficiently and effectively transformed into reality. The successful collaboration is characterized by their multidisciplinary know-how and their highly professional project management."
Martin Steinbauer
CTO, SoccerCoin
"From idea to market, Essentio was with us every step of the way, offering their exceptional development skills and adept stakeholder management across various branches. Their hands-on support and guidance felt like working with family, ensuring our success throughout the journey."
Dieter Mackerle
CEo, Percy AND Price
"It's enjoyable working with the team of Essentio. They are pragmatic, appreciate clear communication, and work efficiently. The team brings valuable expertise from various industries and has excellent project management skills"
Michael Smink
Strategic Growth Lead EMEA,
"Dom and his team at Essentio have shown that they can quickly understand and work with new businesses. They welcome all ideas, make people feel valued, and it's been a pleasure working with them."
Matt Andrews
International TV Presenter and Consultant

Our Passion

Realising ideas

In short: it's fun working with us! Find out for yourself...

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