123Sonography is a Vienna-based company with currently more than 450k medical professionals from 175 countries using their e-learning platform for ultrasonic imaging techniques. With its e-learning platform, 123Sonography strives to make medical ultrasonic imaging techniques affordable and easily accessible for physicians all over the world.


When the team of 123Sonography, approached Essentio with the idea to relaunch their entire online-course platform we were excited by this immense opportunity for growth and innovation in education! Our project team worked hard to understand the needs, experiences, and ideas for the new platform. During a design thinking workshop series, we could establish a clear vision of new features, and define the technical requirements to create a detailed wireframe, which helped the whole team to design, plan and prepare for the upcoming development.

Throughout the development phase, Essentio took on the role of project and product management to ensure a successful launch of 123Sonography’s new platform.

What we've done

1. Hosting Design Thinking Workshops

2. Gamification Concept development

3. Requirements Engineering

4. Rapid Prototyping through wireframes

5. Project management to ensure a successful launch

Anyone who's been through a platform relaunch knows that it can be a demanding process. From understanding the platform's users and their needs to ensuring a smooth transition for existing customers, there's a lot to consider.

Design thinking workshops were an essential part of the platform relaunch process, providing a space for team members to share their ideas and collaborate on solutions. By bringing together diverse perspectives, design thinking workshops helped to create solutions that addressed the platform's most pressing challenges. One of which was the motivation of users to continue on their learning paths through gamified elements.

Gamification is the integration of game mechanics into a non-game environment in order to encourage users to achieve their goals. Our team decided to Gamify the new platform in order to motivate users during their learning journey. The Gamification concept created included elements such as points, badges, and leaderboards. By Gamifying the platform, we hoped to encourage users to keep using the platform and to help them achieve their learning goals.

Once the initial idea was established, we were able to create detailed user stories, user journeys and technical acceptance criteria which, on the one hand, provided a basis for the wire framing, and on the other hand ensured that all of 123Sonography's needs were met throughout the development phase, where we still provide product and project management support in order to ensure a successful launch of the new e-learning platform.

We are very proud to be a part of this amazing project! We can't wait to see how it evolves in the future 🚀 as we continue to work closely with the team of 123Sonography.

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