The Drone Champions League (DCL) is an industry pioneer in FPV Drone Racing with international teams of pilots and races taking place in epic locations around the globe either in real life or virtually.


The DCL is an international FPV drone racing championship that takes place in epic locations like the Pulpit Rock in Stavanger Region, Great Wall of China, and the snow slopes of Laax in the Swiss Alps.

These real life locations are transformed into virtual race tracks that can be played in DCL - The Game.

What we've done

1. Product Ownership / Interim Management

2. Developing Season Concepts within multiple Workshops

3. Improvement of organisational and operational structure

4. Requirements Engineering Workshops for a new Drone Game

5. Game Development

6. Ensuring successful and sustainable business models and products

7. Scaling the Company

Our Work and Challenges

The biggest challenge was transforming DCL from a real life event competition format into an eSports brand. First of all it was about improving the game, getting new sponsors on board for having spectecular new host city locations like Stavanger and having the best drone pilots for great competition. Outcome was developing a scalable business model for new sponsors and investors but also having satisfied teams and pilots on board. Therefore beside having a clear concept in mind and implementing it continuously, people management with bringing everybody pulling together was essential.

Level asked as to help

  • Interim Management
  • Product Ownership
  • Product / Software Development

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